Stumpjumper EVO vs Hightower vs Bronson

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Stumpjumper EVO vs Hightower vs Bronson

The Stumpjumper. The first production mountain bike on the market, arriving in 1981.
The Hightower. If you're not looking for extremes, just something extremely good, look no further.
The Bronson. If in doubt, take a Bronson out.

Which bike is right for you?

  Stumpjumper EVO Hightower Bronson


Frame Material


Carbon or Alloy Carbon  Carbon 


(Front, Rear)

160mm Front, 150mm rear 150mm Front, 145mm rear 160mm Front, 150mm rear


Wheel size


29" or Mixed wheel 29" set Mixed wheel

Internal Storage


Both frame options Included Included

Headtube angle (degree)


64.5, can set to 63.5 or 65.5 64.5 or 64.8 64.5 or 64.7


Seat-tube angle


Around 77

(size dependent)

Around 77

(size dependent)

Around 77

(size dependent)





Stumpjumper Evo Pictured Below

Stumpjumper Evo

                                                                                                       (Photo By: Nate Braks)


The Stumpjumper Evo is meant to be your do it all trail bike, featuring a sidearm frame that covers one side of the shock for a stiffer front end, along with and internal frame storage. The Evo has a mid-range of travel and long wheelbase to handle some rowdier terrain,  along with a horst-link, which means a pivot by the rear wheel, adding to traction. With built in adjustments to make the bike more agile, to the ability to make it long, low and slack enough to handle proper enduro bike trails. 




Hightower Pictured Below

                                                                                           (Photo By: Nate Braks)


The Santa Cruz Hightower uses their patented "VPP", using two co-rotating links to drive the rear shock through its travel. On trail, it translates to a pedal friendly bike that gives tons of traction, while still remaining very active and playful. The new "Glovebox" adds storage in the downtube of the frame, allowing you to carry tools, tubes, snacks, or whatever goodies you'll need while you're out playing in the dirt. With the full 29" wheel set up, the focus is on an all rounded package that can climb as much as it wants to descend. A relatively slack headtube angle to match the larger wheel size creates an extremely capable bike. 




Bronson Pictured Below

Santa Cruz Bronson Demo Fairhaven Bicycles



The Santa Cruz Bronson utilizes the "VPP" found on all of Santa Cruz's trail bikes, balancing pedaling efficiency with lots of traction. The Bronson may have the similar amounts of travel compared to the Hightower and Stumpy Evo, but utilizes a much longer shock. That extra length adds in a more cablable rear end, allowing the bike to be pushed far past what the travel numbers suggest. With a mixed wheel set up, the Bronson still allows you to charge over obstacles or features, but gives the ability to maneuver the rear end of the bike wherever it may need to go. With a slack headtube and long wheelbase, this bike can conquer whatever decent you roll up to, while still being playful enough to do any side-hit that tickles your fancy.

If you like the sound of the Bronson and want to try one out, rent one of our Demos! 






These bikes are perfect for whatever kind of trail riding you like to do. We have all the models in stock, with size options of each. Stop in anytime for a test ride or demo! Still have questions? Stop by our shop and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff!