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D E M O B I K E S !
It is time.
Trying to find the best mountain bike for you and the local terrain? Come try a Juliana Roubion or Santa Cruz Bronson. We have demos ready to ride!
We chose these models because they have an excellent blend of efficiency, capability, quality, reliability and style. Climb anything, descend everything. Ride all day everyday; do hot laps after work. Roubion and Bronson go where you go.
Bikes available:
*Small Juliana Roubion
*Medium Juliana Roubion
*Large Santa Cruz Bronson
*Extra Large Santa Cruz Bronson
*Extra Large Santa Cruz Nomad

*Small Scor 4060 LT Z (E-Mtb $150)

*Large Scor 4060 LT Z (E-Mtb $150)
Demo cost: $125 (Roubions,Bronsons & Nomad) and $150 for E-Mtb (Scor 4060 LT Z)
Demos are first come, first served. No reservations or holds. Earliest pick up time is 11am.
Demos are due back at 4:00pm same day.
Flat pedals available.
Helmet required.
Waiver, ID and credit card required.
One demo fee can be applied to a similar bike purchase.
Swing by to check them out!