SCOR 4060 Z LT

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SCOR 4060 Z LT

SCOR 4060 LT Z Overview-

  S M L XL
Stack (mm) 601 612 626 637
Reach (mm) 435 459 485 515
Headtube angle 63.8 63.8 63.8 63.8
Top Tube (mm) 562 590 621 655
Chainstay 435 435 435 435


Scor Bikes (created by some of the guys at BMC) are relatively new players in the world of mountain bikes, especially E-MTBs. But don't let that fool you. They know how to make a seriously fun bike. Their 4060 model is a platform that can transform to fit multiple riding disciplines and styles. The "ST" for short travel, or "LT" for long travel, indicate the amount of suspension that bike comes with. The frame is the same between the models, a flip of a chip by the shock (including a different length shock), different length fork, and the bike is transformed into whatever kind of ride you're after. The same goes for their E-MTBs.  

The 4060 LT Z is the bigger travel E-MTB that Scor offers, with a 160mm of rear travel paired with a 170mm fork. The travel numbers are similar to a Specialized Kenevo, but the geometry of the bike tells a different story. While the generous reach numbers to help on descents, the short chainstays (435mm) come into play on on mellower terrain to keep the bike uber playful. The chainstays are even shorter than the Specialized Levo (442mm). Every size has a slack 63.8 headtube, with reach numbers that match well with the sizing of the bike. The back of the seat tube on each bike indicates the size/reach numbers of the bike. 

A Shimano EP-8 motor paired to a 720Wh battery gives the bike all the power you'll need to fly up the trails. Charging takes around 5 hours from fully discharged on the battery, but once fully charged you can expect 1.5-4 hours of ride time on the battery, depending on the level of assist being used, and elevation you are riding. 


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