Fairhaven Favorite Ride Routes

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Fairhaven Favorite Ride Routes

Below are some of our favorite routes! For mountain bike routes, trailforks will be needed. For gravel routes the app Ride with GPS is needed.




Fairhaven Shop Classic

9.3 miles
1,460 ft climbing
Route difficulty- Blue
Here is the Fairhaven Bicycles Classic Loop This is a favorite for shop employees and group rides. This route has a healthy mix of climbing (with nothing too terribly steep), technical trails that challenge your agility and bike skills, with a classic Bellingham flow trail to end a great day on the bike. The ride starts at ends at Whatcom Falls Park, where you can enjoy the beautiful falls, and even grab some food across the street at Davinci's (Subs) or Lafeens (Donuts).

Fairhaven Bicycles South Side Ride

8.1 miles

1,309 ft climbing

Route difficulty- Blue/Black

This route takes you on just some of the classics that the South Side of Galbraith has to offer. With the route taking you right to the top of the south side, you can follow the route to make it a "one and done" climb and descent, or climb back to the top of the last descent you completed and try another trail that branches off the same fireroad. 


Too Slow For Flow

12.2 miles

2,222 ft climbing

Route difficulty- Blue

Here lies the "Too Slow for Flow" route, featuring as little flow, and as many root, rocks, and jank corners as we can throw at a ride. Fun is still to be had if you like blasting through whatever tech is coming your way. On the Happy Hour trail, there is the option to do the "Spirit Bear" rock roll that ties back into Happy Hour.
Go out and see how slow you can go!


Fairhaven Shop Tech Route

9.7 miles

2,019 ft climbing

Route difficulty- Black

Here is a combination of some of the more lesser known trails Galbraith has to offer, ending on a classic top to bottom lap of SST. With plenty of weird rocks, roots, drops, and rolls coming at you, you'll finish the ride asking for more. 




Little "Chucky" Passage

33.9 miles

3750 ft climbing

Route difficulty- Black

A route that will challenge your fitness and technique, leading you on a mix of gravel/singletrack and road. Featuring some gorgeous views of the mountains east, and circling Lake Samish. Taking a dip in the lake always feels like a fantastic reward as you've finished a majority of the climbing at that point in the ride. 


Chuckanut Gravel Adventure

18 miles

1800 ft climbing

Route difficulty- Green/Blue

Taking the Interurban gravel path from downtown Fairhaven to Lost Lake Trailhead, you will be treated to gorgeous views of Chuckanut Bay on the way there, and back. Once you get to Lost Lake Trailhead, your accent begins, climbing towards the top of the chuckanuts on the gravel two-track, passing through a vast forest of old trees and ferns as far as the eye can see. Once you get to the top of the Fragrance Lake Climb, you have the option to climb to the top of Cleator road, with a view of Mt. Baker on one side, and a view of the rest of the bay on the other. Whichever option you choose, your descent will take you down Cleator road, dumping you back onto the Interurban to zip back into town.